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Mixed Fitness Proof of Concept (Professional, 2021)


This proof of concept was used for an in-studio experience with wall projection and body-tracking technology. Users performed various exercises with progress and form tracked on-screen.


I managed all frontend development assembling environments and implementing UI designs.

Astro Screenshot_4777
Astro Screenshot_13567
Astro Screenshot_23500
Astro Screenshot_17115
Astro Bonus Screenshot
Astro Screenshot_6158
Retro Mode Screenshot

Astro's Adventure (Personal, 2020)


Astro's Adventure is a vertical slice 3D adventure game inspired by SNES platformers. Designed to be played both in traditional 3D and VR, the game features multiple camera systems.


The short game is an excellent example of the culmination of my techart and 3D skills in one package.

Boots on the Moooo'n

(Professional, 2020)


This 8-bit frogger-style game was created for a promotional online contest. The game was created in 3 months and played over 50k+ times during the competition's run.


The game's style and platform (web) presented some unique challenges in rendering techniques and optimization.

Boots on the Moooo'n 1
Boots on the Moooo'n 2
Boots on the Moooo'n 3
Boots on the Moooo'n 8
Boots on the Moooo'n 4
Boots on the Moooo'n 5
Boots on the Moooo'n 6
Boots on the Moooo'n 7
JBL Quantum 3
JBL Quantum 2
JBL Quantum 4
JBL Quantum 5
JBL Quantum 1

JBL Quantum VR

(Professional, 2020)


This wave shooter was created for the cancelled 2020 Austin SXSW. The project was aimed at highlighting directional audio in an engaging VR wave-shooter.

I built all gameplay systems and implemented 3D art. Key elements included audio, game balancing, and visual effects.

Mindstates (Student, 2018)


Mindstates is an exploration-based VR experience based on visualizing states of anxiety and calm. Created in just 10 weeks as a senior class project, this was my first experience in teamwork and leadership in the context of game development.


As lead programmer I handled all development in Unity and even guided an entire class of students new to 3D modeling in contributing their work to the project.

Mindstates Screenshot 1
Mindstates Screenshot 5
Mindstates Screenshot 8
Mindstates Screenshot 2
Mindstates Screenshot 7
Mindstates Screenshot 6
Mindstates Screenshot 9
Mindstates Screenshot 3
Mindstates Screenshot 4
The Town of Beacon 1
The Town of Beacon 3
The Town of Beacon 2
The Town of Beacon 5
The Town of Beacon 6
The Town of Beacon 4

The Town of Beacon (Student, 2018)


The Town of Beacon is a short narrative experience centered around a small town with big secrets. The project was created for a school assignment on environmental narrative and developed in just 10 weeks.


Elements of this project I prioritized were tone, pacing, and completing a short narrative.

One Last Night (Personal, 2017)


One Last Night is a 2-D narrative-based project inspired by the cinematic platformer genre of the 90's. √Čric Chahi's work in Another World greatly influenced the production and visuals of One Last Night.


Significant production features include illustration, rotoscoped animations, and 2D character animation.

One Last Night 4
One Last Night Animated 1
One Last Night 5
One Last Night Animated 2
One Last Night 3
One Last Night 2
One Last Night 1